LONDON — The software which powers decisions that fuel video and TV ad spending and targeting is getting more and more sophisticated. But what if it could actually predict the future?

That’s what Edinburgh-based TVSquared is pushing toward. One of the company’s two main software pieces is ADvantage, a platform providing offering insight in to how each TV impression drives revenue through online, mobile and second screen for advertisers looking for accurate same-day TV attribution.

But TVSquared chief analytics officer Blair Robertson tells Beet.TV things are changing: “At the moment, we have a platform that runs in 45 countries We’re having huge traction amongst brand advertisers.

“But we see it moving from looking at a historical view of campaign performance to a predicative capability, to say, ‘Here are you top five opportunities to improve your buy over the next week or month, you will see an uplift in sales, lifetime value or increased market share’.”

The company’s Predict tool helps advertisers automate the creation of their buy specifications based on predictive analysis of historical attribution data that is optimized, whether the objective is to generate sales, registrations, web site visits or any other kind of response.

“We see many advertisers who start off with very small budgets for TV who end up spending tens of hundreds of millions of dollars because they have accountability on TV now in the same way they’re used to having for digital,” Robertson adds.


This video was produced at the Future Of TV Advertising Forum. Beet.TV’s coverage is sponsored by Xaxis. You can find more Beet videos from the conference on this page