REDWOOD CITY, CA — 2015 was the year in which YuMe, one of the many vendors bringing technology to bear on video advertising efficiency, launched a demand-side platform (DSP), software for helping advertisers and agencies plan automated, programmatic video ad buying.

So what exactly does the so-called YuMe For Advertisers (YFA) do?

Product SVP Venkat Krishnan says the tool plugs in to what is now an “end-to-end tech stack” numbering YuMe’s data management platform, supply-side platform and software development kit.

“We’ve always had this tool as a walled garden around our own business,” he says. “All that we’ve really done is to parcel this out and make this available to agencies, trading desks and advertisers to trade programmatically.

“We also use the tool internally ourselves for our media business. The mid-market customers … small trading desks or agencies … are also interested.” YFA has been “years in the making”, Krishnan says.

Video has become the number three channel through which ads are bought programmatically, according to Digiday research. US programmatic digital video ad spending tripled to $2.91bn in 2015 and is forecast to hit $7.43bn in 2017, nearly two thirds of all video ad spending, eMarketer says.


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