The staid world of TV ratings business, long dominated by Nielsen,  is in a state of  dramatic change with the recently announced merger of comScore and Rentrak.

Another TV ratings provider Tivo Research is aggressively raising  its visibility by giving away its TV ratings for free – at least its “basic” offering, the company has announced.

Along with the offering is a cheeky ad campaigns that pokes fun at the comScore/Rentrak merger as well as Nielsen, the New York Post reports.

We spoke with Tivo Research GM Frank Foster about the free offering which goes live in January.  He explains  how the Tivo data product is created via Tivo 2.5 million boxes and other sources.

Tivo Partners with Clypd and SpotX

In unrelated news, Tivo Research is partnering with programmatic adtech providers Clypd and SpotX, the companies announced today.

Separately this week, Viacom announced it i working with Tivo Research

Programming Note:  Frank Foster will be attending the Beet.TV executive retreat in Fort Lauderdale next week. Also attending will be executives from Clypd and SpotX.