The ability to target individual television ads with internet-style precision is no longer just a fantasy – it’s here and now. In fact, spending is booming.

“I’m putting about three times as much money in the marketplace as I was a year ago,” Starcom MediaVest Group’s precision video EVP Tracey Scheppach tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty way to go for “addressable” to reach its full potential.

So what’s next? Scale and breadth, Scheppach hopes. She wants to see addressability applied to linear TV ads and to have more inventory opened up to the process. Particularly, she would like brands unaccustomed to TV advertising to be enticed to begin.

“I had hopes early on that we’d start to bring in new advertisers,” Scheppach says. “But what we’re seeing is the deepness of television players use television more efficiently and effectively.

“The big opportunity is to pivot to bring in new advertising forms – political is one, direct mail is another huge category… whoever they were going to send the catalogue to, I can send a 30-second spot to.”

Programming note:   Scheppach will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Beet.TV executive retreat in Fort Lauderdale in November.

This video is part of the series Programmatic Video at a Turning Point, presented by SpotX. You can find additional videos from the series here.