These days, many TV ad campaigns include social media elements – the odd on-screen hashtag or Twitter handle, for example. But what if ads could feature the messages were posting to social media, as they do so?

That’s what aims to enable with its technology platform, Story.

With offices Manchester, Oslo, New York and Sydney, the outfit has worked with the likes of Fox Sports, Turner Sports and QVC Japan to enable in-show social content. Now it wants to work with TV and video advertisers, to “put live interaction in to traditional broadcast or video”, as CEO Scott Davies tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“People want to actively participate with a brand and commercial in the hope they’re part of it, and then share that with their friends,” he says.

“Every time they see that commercial, something’s different about it. They might be in it! That’ the exciting bit.”

Davies says NBC Universal’s USA Network, which has used the system, has found dwell times extend by up to four minutes amongst viewers who see their own messages inside ads.

The ads plug in to Mediaocean for TV delivery.