In the age of ad tech software abundance, many marketers are now choosing to take on some of the tasks previously managed by their agencies and buyers.

That is the same trend being seen by Eyeview, whose technology lets advertisers personalize video creative for individual viewers, as it builds up its demand-side platform to enable programmatic buying of its wares.

“The industry is going more and more towards transparency,” says CEO Oren Harnevo. “Agencies and brands are thinking about, ‘what is their tech stack?’ and (to) do it themselves.

“More brands are taking platforms internally or having their agency manage it. But they are choosing the platform for them.

“Our (customer) verticals are very sales-orientated. When they find something that works, they like to take it in-house… get their hands on the tools.”

Eyeview has launched its DSP on its VideoIQ platform, which includes metrics like viewability and return-on-investment.