LONDON — Local World has accomplished quite a lot in a rather short space of time. Formed in 2012 to acquire Northcliffe Media and Iliffe, the outfit is now one of the UK’s largest local newspaper publishers, and an interesting case study in the digital reinvention of staid old printed local titles.

Nowadays, Local World sites are chock-full of display ads. Next up is video, and the group is keen on using programmatic technology to sell the slots.

“We’ve built up different ways to mine and harvest the data from our sites,” according to Local World’s programmatic head Amir Malik. “We now have over 100 data points on any given user in Cambridge (for example), which differentiates our inventory from other national websites and media owners. It’s been really, really lucrative.”

Local World has tapped online video ad tech outfit SpotX for its programmatic efforts in video advertising.

And Malik reckons programmatic will only get more important: “Programmatic will dictate the terms in which advertising is spent and executed across broadcasting, video on demand over the next two to three years.”


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