COLOGNE — A couple of months back, we reported how AppNexus, the programmatic ad tech firm, told us it would reboot its video advertising offering after a troublesome start. And now it’s claiming initial results as promising.

According to the company: “Based on conversations with clients who tested our product over the past few months, we’ve consistently heard our video buying solution achieves greater audience reach at a fraction of the cost of competitors’ solutions. Buyers have shared they’ve experienced:

  • “Audience reach of 10x to 100x better than competitors.”
  • “Video engagement / click through rates increased by 300% or more.”
  • “Video costs for buying that are 50% to 60% lower than competitors.”

Speaking to Beet.TV at DMEXCO in Cologne in this video interview, the company’s strategic development VP for EMEA, Nigel Gilbert, said: “We’ve had it in a testing phase, now we’re going to roll it out in a general release for all our clients globally.

“Our origins were in display, but then we released mobile a year or two ago. Video is now in the exact same workflow. You have a fully-scaled buying platform accessing something over 250 billion impressions a year across all three formats.”

Here the company’s product announcement.


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