COLOGNE — Adobe has launched a new suite to help advertisers bring together a world of programmatic choices under Adobe Marketing Cloud’s roof, with the aim of uniting advertising and marketing technologies.

Built in to the company’s marketing platform, the new offering is priced on a self-service model and allows users to control automated ad buying for search, display and social media across ad exchanges and media networks from partners like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Rubicon Project and Index Exchange.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Adobe Marketing Cloud’s product marketing and strategy VP for core audience Suresh Vittal says “programmatic”, the buzzword of ad tech for the last couple of years, means three things:

  1. Identifying your audience: “Recognising behavioural digital signals, cross-referencing those insights across different platforms, using customer behaviour data to drive audience selection.”
  2. Automation and transparency: “Brands want transparency in to how well their budgets are performing and the returns on investments they are getting.”
  3. Real-time creative: “The ability to programmatically optimise creative – not just media buying decisions but also the creating, being able to test and learn all the time.”

Vittal says: “Adobe is unique in that it brings marketing technology and ad tech much closer together.

“Ad tech is the science of going after the unknown in paid media, marketing tech is the science of driving conversion and loyalty and purchase behaviour. We are the one company that’s able to bring these two technologies together in a very realistic manner.

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