LONDON –  All the industry talk is of explosive growth in the trading of online ads through “programmatic” technology. But that talk is not as loud as the growth is fast, says one advertising exec.

Amnet, the Dentsu Aegis Network’s technology-led targeting division, says expectations should be recalibrated.

“The video forecast in terms of moving to programmatic has been quite conservative,” according to Amnet COO Sacha Bunatyan, in this video interview with Beet.TV. “The way that we operate … we’re already at much higher levels of trading programmatically within video and other media.

“Going in to 2020, we would expect much higher rates … and going to other media as well, such as out-of-home and print.”

Amnet is already helping UK TV broadcasters Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky sell some of their VOD service inventory programmatically. And Bunatyan says: “We expect more and more engagement from broadcasters to come in. Our clients are becoming more and more demanding.

“Now that our clients see that we can do broadcaster-VOD programmatically they are proactively asking us what else is out there.”

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