CANNES — After Philips bought out its part-owned UK video watermarking company Teletrax in 2008, it rolled it up in to a new unit called Civolution, which also offered TV event audience measurement and second screen functionality.

Now Civolution has sold off the latter pieces to Kantar, it is returning to the original brand, Teletrax, which will focus on TV monitoring and TV-synced online advertising.

“We have an infrastructure that monitors thousands of TV channels across the world,” according to Civolution CEO Alex Terpstra.  “We identify, in real-time, which ads are airing on TV. We can can synchronize digital campaigns instantly to those moments and drive increased performance.

“It started with sync to TV ads – but is now evolving in to a whole series of sync products … new products coming over the summer.”

Also at Cannes, we interviewed Xaxis EMEA CEO Caspar Schlickum about the implementation of the company’s “Sync” offering which was created in collaboration with Civolution.

We interviewed Terpstra  at the Cannes Lions Festival as part of a series on programmatic advertising presented by Rubicon Project.  Please visit this page for more videos from the series.