Targeting & Creative ‘Go Hand In Hand,’ Says 4C Insights’ Gupta

MIAMI – While at Mixpo, Anupam Gupta played in the creative management layer space. However, the last five to seven years in advertising “have been all about targeting,” says the Chief Product Officer for 4C Insights. “But that doesn’t mean that we won’t come back to creative.” During a panel discussion at the recent […]


TV-Synced Ads Plugged In To 4C Platform

COLOGNE – The TV-synced social advertising technology Beet.TV has reported on for the last couple of years has had a long and winding road. Started by Teletrax, it was later wrapped up in to Philips’ Civolution, before being renamed Teletrax, which was last month sold to digital ad group 4C Insights. Now 4C has fully integrated […]


How Brands Can Reach Rivals’ Audience via The Second Screen

This year, all the hot advertising talk is about the linking of planning, targeting and buying for TV ads and ads on handheld internet devices. For TV viewers distracted by touchscreens during commercial breaks, Teletrax has been gaining attention for allowing brands that are advertising on the living room big screen to also buy ads on social […]


Tapad’s O’Loughlin Shows Ad Effect Across Devices

Across the advertising industry this year, the main challenge seems to be uniting brands’ understanding of how consumers respond to ads across the many different media they now use. One more vendor tackling that problem is Tapad, whose “device graph” model aims to help clients do just that. “We’re working with a (television) manufacturer that has […]


4C Insights Acquires Teletrax to Drive Addressable TV Ad Decisioning

CHICAGO — The latest incarnation of a leading TV-synced online ads enabler is coming in to focus, with the announcement, by ad data company 4C Insights, that it has raised funds to acquire Teletrax, aiming to beef up its activities in social and TV advertising. “We’re playing aggressively in the decisioning process for addressable TV and we’re […]


Civolution’s Teletrax Focuses On TV-Synced Digital Ads

CANNES — After Philips bought out its part-owned UK video watermarking company Teletrax in 2008, it rolled it up in to a new unit called Civolution, which also offered TV event audience measurement and second screen functionality. Now Civolution has sold off the latter pieces to Kantar, it is returning to the original brand, Teletrax, which will focus on TV […]