CANNES — BBC News has managed to mix online video and text since the late 1990s. But why keep the two separate? Now the organization is ensuring both are on-screen at the same time, launching a product called “stick video”.

“The idea is that the video player moves with you on the screen,”BBC Global News sales and marketing director Chris Davies tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “Rather than the traditional way of watching a video and then waiting for it finish and read the article, the video will follow you down, and the advertising follows with the video.”

That fits a trend in which publishers are getting creative about the way they show video and moving images, with many having adopting parallax scrolling presentations or New York Times, Snowfall-style experiments. Separately, many publishers and social networks are moving to auto-play videos as users scrollg through.

“At the BBC, we have a massive amount of video content,” Davies adds. “It’s about getting that in to shape for the web.”



We interviewed Davies at Cannes.  This video is part of a series of Cannes interviews sponsored by true[X].  Please find additional videos from the series here.