CANNES — Addressable TV promises to be a powerful tool for reaching consumers at scale with creative that’s carefully targeted to them, but how much lift are marketers who are investing in it actually seeing?

“You’re seeing 50, 60, 70% increase in sales lift,” says Tracey Scheppach, SMG’s EVP-Precision Video Director, in a panel discussion at Cannes that was recorded by Beet.TV. “We’ve even seen it higher than that.”

The lift for CPG and automotive brands is easily measurable because of the availability of sales data through the likes of Dunnhumby and Kantar Shopcom. So there’s a means of looking at the households that viewed a given commercial, running that data through a company like Acxiom, and then matching it to shopping data to see how many households exposed to the ad wound up making a purchase.

“That’s really cool stuff, and that’s never happened in TV before,” says Michael Bologna, president of GroupM’s Modi Media.

Meanwhile, AT&T AdWorks’s president Mike Welch observes how his business provides a different layer of data via insights into people’s web browsing activity (which it obtains from an opt-in from customers using its fiber-optic service GigaPower.)

“We’re using that data behind the scenes to understand how exposure to a TV ad, for instance, drives particular web browsing patterns, and I think that helps fill in the in-between part of this exposure-to-purchase part of the funnel,” he says.

The session was moderated by Terence Kawaja, CEO of LUMA Partners, a boutique media investment bank.

This panel discussion on the brand lift of targeted TV advertising presented by AT&T AdWorks. Please visit this page for more videos from the series.