If data is really the new oil, are media operators letting enough of the stuff run to advertisers who are craving it?

A new Forrester report, “Solving Digital Video Advertising’s Premium Dilemma“, commissioned by outstream video ad vendor Teads from Forrester, spotlights a disconnect between the two camps.

“Media companies talk about the user experience,” Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail, who authored the report, tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “But then the advertising agencies talk about the quality of the data used for targeting.

“So it seems like the media companies are still stuck a little bit in the old world. (They say), ‘We’ve got great content…’. Advertiser agencies are saying, ‘That’s important, but, in this new world, the targeting is at least as important’.

“The media companies need to have a deeper conversation with the advertisers to make sure they’re building the data strategy.”

Forrester’s report says publishers are struggling with insufficient video ad inventory to satisfy advertiser demand, but that advertisers report so-called “outstream” ads, which play in between chunks of text, helps alleviate concerns around viewability and enable programmatic buying.”


We interviewed Nail last week at a Teads industry summit in New York.