Facebook is now serving “billions” of native ads on mobile apps and websites other than its own, according to the company’s ad tech head.

The Facebook Audience Network was launched in beta in 2014, allowing publishers to put native ads in their apps and services, just like those on Facebook’s own.

“We’ve actually figured out a thing or two on how to monetize mobile apps. Here’s a suite of tools and best practices around native and app-based marketing that can generate much better results for advertisers,” Dave Jakubowski tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “Those ads are performing 7x better than the banner counterparts. That is up at scale, literally running billions of ads as we speak.

“We’ve taken all of the capabilities of everything you buy when you buy directly through Facebook, and we’ve added the option for marketers to say, ‘I would like that same audience on other apps beyond the Facebook family’.”