CANNES — Almost exactly a year after the president and chief operating officer of BuzzFeed was named to lead MailOnline’s US expansion as the online paper’s north America CEO, now Jon Steinberg is already enjoying getting a toehold in to the TV business.

At Cannes Lions, (as the site is called in the States) and Dr Phil McGraw announced they would be co-creating a new daily syndicated lifestyle show for broadcast in fall 2016, as NYT reports.

What will the TV show of a newspaper look like? “It will be a mix of hard news and entertainment where the site will be the star of the show,” Steinberg tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“The source content for DailyMailTV will be the site, as well as the engagement on these site. Comments, original stories and reporting will all be fed in to the television show. Simultaneously, the show will be backed on to the site as well.

“As we transfer in to an over-the-top environment, we’ve got opportunities to sell the show to platforms, whether it’s Hulu or Amazon or Netflix – very much something that we have in mind. Right now, the syndicated TV market is a very strong one to monetize in.”

MailOnline is a global behemoth, producing up to 900 daily stories and gaining 225 million unique visitors. Can it also be a beast on the TV screen? Time will tell.

We interviewed Steinberg as part of a series on video advertising at Cannes Lions, presented by true[X].  For more videos from the series, please visit this page.