Many advertisers don’t believe there is sufficient high-quality video content out there on which to advertise. So SpotXchange, an ad tech platform serving video advertisers, is offering to help publishers increase their video output, without having to produce video of their own.

The company is connecting with VideoElephant of Dublin, a library of professionally-produced video material that acts as an archive marketplace, to give publishers material on which they can serve video ads.

VideoElephant’s library of more than 130,000 videos includes material from National Geographic, Meredith, Press Association, ITN and Videojug.

Of course, SpotXchange is not an innocent bystander here. By brokering VideoElephant content to the publishers they serve, it hopes to get to serve more video ads, too.

“We’re giving access to a library of brand-safe premium professionally-produced content,” head of business development and partnerships Brian Cullinane told Beet.TV at the annual Beet Retreat in January.