Ad-tech M&A is in full-swing. Whilst the industry lumascape looks complex today, large internet operators are snapping up some of the bigger ad tech platform vendors?

So, as consolidation occurs, will vendors under new ownership be temped to lock customers in to their parents’ business ecosystem?

“That’s one of the risks,” according to Brightroll marketplace SVP and GM Dan Mosher, whose company was recently acquired by Yahoo.

“But, when we make the case to the publishers, we never say, ‘Be in our walled garden’. For us, it’s open to all of the programmatic buyers in the universe.”

“There is  a lot of console on the sell side with Facebook buying LiveRail and AOL buying Now it’s a case of, who’s going to bring the best tool to market?”

Mosher was interviewed at Beet.TV’s annual executive retreat by Nielsen Digital MD Andrew Feigenson.

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