FORT LAUDERDALE –  WPP’s Xaxis unit is not a trade desk, but is a media company much like AOL or Yahoo.  It  is a “line item” for agency media plans,  says David J. Moore, Xaxis Chairman in this conversation with Nielsen’s Andrew Feigenson, Managing Director for Digital.  Moore notes that Xaxis has a large sales staff which sells to agencies outside the WPP group.

In this wide ranging conversation, Moore talks about the use of data in media planning, pricing and procurement of media and the evolving tech stack of Xaxis which is now deeply integrated with AppNexus.

Moore joined WPP when 27/7 Media was purchased by WPP in 2007.  He also holds the title of President of WPP Digital.

This video was produced at the Beet.TV executive retreat sponsored by AOL and Videology.    Please find more videos from the event right here.