FORT LAUDERDALE — Dave Morgan’s latest advertising technology venture, Simulmedia, has already been helping advertisers buy ads on linear TV using digital data. Now it is also helping them close the loop, showing how TV ads lead to confirmed purchase behavior.

“We have access to set-top box data,” Simulmedia business development manager Michael Glantz tells Beet.TV in this interview. “We have great partnerships with Nielsen to get aggregated credit card data and CPG basket purchase data so we can target any purchaser of deodorant, or people who go to McDonalds a certain frequency in a month. We can look at who’s seeing our ads and who’s going to the supermarket or restaurant.”

So far, Simulmedia is mostly working on confirming purchases of small, high-turnover goods. Next, it wants to help longer-term advertisers like insurance providers and auto makers benefit, too.

Glantz was interviewed at Beet.TV’s annual executive retreat.

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