FORT LAUDERDALE — The emerging opportunity of connected TVs with household-level targeting capability may not be met without the kind of ad standardisation that the IAB’s inception brought to display, says one ad tech exec.

“Everyone does something a little bit differently – each of the (TV) operators has different decks, data,” says Jamie Power, senior partner  for addressable TV  at Modi Media, Group M’s unit working on addressable TV. “Putting that together to aggregate it from a reporting standpoint is the biggest challenge.”

Speaking with Beet.TV, Power likens the current scenario to “the wild west”: “The way it used to work, I was getting all these PDF reports (from operators like Dish and Cablevision)… I’m sitting there putting them all together.”

Now partnerships  with Videology and others  are helping to make sense of the opportunity: “Technology is allowing us to put it all together.”

She was interviewed at Beet.TV’s annual executive retreat.

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