FORT LAUDERDALE — The advertising focus for 2015 will squarely be on ROI, thanks to the proliferation of programmatic buying, says Chris Monteferrante, VP National Sales at AT&T AdWorks, AT&T’s advanced advertising arm, in an interview with Beet.TV.

AT&T AdWorks has rolled out a number of programmatic type products, including its TV Blueprint platform that enables more refined TV targeting, and has already boosted engagement metrics for early clients. “We can take multiple attributes and target an audience based on household level viewership in a privacy compliant way,” he says. “On the back end, we are moving to an ROI model, taking third-party purchase level data and matching it up against viewership data.” Those metrics can reveal the true lift of an ad, and if the ad moved a viewer to purchase.

TV Blueprint aggregates data from more than 15 million set-top boxes to create a data-centric media plan to target TV audiences, according to specific interests, rather than via age and gender.

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