FORT LAUDERDALE, Fl – Which way is the wind blowing in the “programmatic” ad space? Away from real-time bidding and toward private marketplaces, according to one leading light.

The collection of techniques referred to as “programmatic” all essentially mean “automation” but, whilst the phenomenon began with allowing the real-time automation of ad buying and selling between all and sundry, it is settling down more like a collection of private members’ clubs.

“Private marketplaces are going to be where we do most of our business in 2015,” David J. Moore, president of WPP Digital and chairman of its Xaxis programmatic unit, tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “It gives us the opportunity to do direct deals with publishers, allow them to sell us ads at a price that is good for both of us.

“RTB is not going to be as strong for us in 2015. We’re going to limit use of that kind of inventory. We don’t really get any additional clout (from) competing against anybody with a credit card of a cookie.”

Moore also cites ad viewability and fraud concerns as reasons to pull away from RTB exchanges.

He was interviewed by Beet.TV executive producer Andy Plesser at Beet.TV’s annual Beet Retreat, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.