FORT LAUDERDALE — The coming digitzation of TV may seem set to pave the way for measuring audiences in a digital manner used to internet media houses – but Nielsen is stating its case for a panel-based approach it seems set to launch later this year.

“We’re dedicated to having a solution to smart TVs in 2015 of some sort or another,” Nielsen Digital MD Andrew Feigenson tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“Unlike PC or a mobile device, which tend to be a one-one-one experience, the big screen, there tends to be multiple people in front of it.

“In the world of digital, just understanding which household a TV corresponds to is not enough to know who’s in front of it. In a typical Nielsen panel, you can figure out who’s in front of a tTV, because people tell us that.”

Earlier in the video Feigenson explains the value of alliance with Adobe, which was announced last Fall.

Feigenson was interviewed at Beet.TV’s executive retreat.

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