Brands that previously let their ad agencies get on with the business of advertising are increasingly using available new technology platforms do do some of the work themselves.

So is the very existence of the media agency under threat? Not according to one agency exec who has just crossed to the other side.

“More clients want to get involved in the decisions about what platforms they work with – it’s only natural,” according to Tim Castree, MediaVest’s USA COO, who recently joined video ad platform Videology to run North America operations.

“A lot of people see that as the canary in the coal mine for the disintermediation of media agencies in the future. That is not a world view that I subscribe to. Much like incredible trading technologies didn’t spell the end of financial services companies, I don’t see the incredible platforms coming to bear on the business of media ultimately spelling the end of the media business.”

Castree tells Beet.TV agencies will survive if they quickly iterate to clients’ needs.

Castree and Videology at the Beet Retreat

Castree will be a speaker at next month’s Beet Retreat in Fort Lauderdale, which is being co-sponsored by AOL and Videology.    Participants in the forthcoming event are listed below: