Dynamic ad insertion – through which, video channel owners can swap in and out ads as content reaches viewers – is a growing phenomenon. Just before Christmas, one such technology provider, Elemental Technologies, scored a $14.5 million investment for the prospect.

“What’s really driving a lot of DAI (dynamic ad insertion) – at least in this country right now – is, programmers are demanding that DAI be available, regardless of whether or not the service provider wants to do local (ad) insertion as a part of their general contract,” according to Jeff Sherwin, the CEO of another vendor, This Technology.

“You’re going to see the capability for programmers to have choice on what campaign management system they want to use and have that the available for any place where they want to monetise their video.”

This Technology supports dynamic ad insertion, fallback content replacement and metadata management.

Sherwin was interviewed by Beet.TV in December at the TV Of Tomorrow show.