One of the industry’s celebrated digital marketing chiefs says using his company’s own data about consumer behavior will become key to future campaign management.

“Data will become more and more important to every single piece of media that we buy,” Mondelēz International global media and consumer engagement VP B. Bonin Bough tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

But many marketers are using data nowadays to inform campaigns. Bough recommends using not just third-party data sources: “It’s one thing to have exchanges … it’s another thing to be a data player when you go in to those exchanges. That’s what we see as the big unlock for our future.”

“We have a lot of insights… the continuing growth of data in broadcast or TV is exciting – we know we’ll be able to unlock greater value. The greater granularity we can have … the better it is for us.

He was interviewed at the TV Of Tomorrow show in New York by Furious Corp. CEO Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV.