How Ad Execs Think Differently About Mobile

CHICAGO — Mobile attracts different consumers in a different mindset than traditional digital media. So how can agencies get out of the “shovelware” mindset and give mobile users something more likely to yield results? A Beet.TV panel discussion heard executives’ answers: Maxus strategic planning director Jill Langan: “There are opportunities to use mobile as a […]


More Data Needed For Personalized Ads: SMG’s Lichtenberg

CHICAGO — Digital ads can begin to reach individual consumers with specific messages based on unique characteristics – but only if computers know enough to target them, says one ad agency exec. “When I think about the future of video, I think about more personalized experiences,” SMG publishing platform and partnerships VP Lindsay Lichtenberg tells […]


Themed Content Drives Higher Engagement in Brand Messages, SMG’s Lichtenberg

Brands will be most successful in creating video content if they understand which platforms their consumers like these days, says Lindsay Lichtenberg, VP and Director of Publishing Platform and Partnerships at Starcom MediaVest, in an interview with Elaine Boxer, Director of Industry Initiatives at the IAB. “It all comes down to the content strategy. How do my […]