Brands Aim for Global Video Strategies, McDonald’s, AOL, iJustine, Havas explain

CHICAGO — Marketers are beginning to explore opportunities to integrate brands globally into digital videos, says Marta Martinez, AOL’s Head of Global Video Sales, in a panel discussion for Beet.TV. While the Internet has made true global marketing possible in a way that is more difficult with TV’s localized ecosystem, brands are only beginning to tap […]


AOL Video Grows Big on Mobile; Aims for Ubiquity on Devices

CHICAGO — AOL’s strategy on creating video content centers around the notion of capturing a moment, or cultural movement and then letting brands connect with that, says Marta Martinez, AOL’s Head of Global Video Sales, in an interview with Beet.TV. “We try to think holistically about how to create content meaningful for the web, and bring […]


Video Is The Web’s Third Age: AOL’s Martinez

CHICAGO — AOL sees video as spurring the next web age, but eventual manifestations of that will depend very much on consumption context, says an exec from the company. “The third wave of quantum innovation in the web is going to be driven by sight, sound and motion,” AOL video sales head Marta Martinez tells […]