Following this spring’s merger of video ad tech firms Ebuzzing and Teads, the pair last week rebranded as just “Teads.” That company is now setting its sights on going public next year. In this video interview with Beet.TV, CEO Bertrand Quesada explains why:

  • “We want to be independent.”
  • “We want to raise capital to be able to scale our business faster – we are opening in Brazil, Singapore, Tokyo, Russia.”
  • “To grow our developer team – we have over 100 developers; we’re looking at doubling the team by the end of next year.”
  • “We’re looking potentially at acquisitions to accelerate our expansion.”
  • “We want to grow faster our mobile business so we are looking at acquiring a company in that space.”

Producing enough video against which to put ads on can be costly. Teads’ inRead ad format lets text publishers benefit from marketers’ demand for video advertising by inserting auto-playing videos between their paragraphs.  Company clients include Forbes, Conde Nast, New Corp, Reuters, the Washington Post, the Financial Times. Le Figaro and others, Quesada says.

He says September 2014 revenue was up 100% from a year earlier: “We believe we have the potential to be a billion-dollar company.”