In the age of smart glass everywhere, what’s the difference between a TV and a phone anymore? Comcast Cable wants to give its subscribers value by offering them content from their home TV on devices out of home.

In this video interview, the company’s video services SVP and GM Matt Strauss tells Beet.TV how the group is now giving Xfinity customers their DVR recordings not just at home but on their mobile devices.

“Once you’re able to move the recordings to the cloud, it unlocks all this flexibility,” Strauss says.

“DVRs have been around for well over a decade. About 50% of all TV has now have DVRs. As passionate as people are about their DVR, they don’t appreciate how much better the DVR could be.”

Comcast also wants to offer linear, live and on-demand content on mobile devices, making smartphones and tablets the equivalent of living room TVs.