COLOGNE, Germany —  The cookie-less nature of the mobile market is challenging for marketers, but video tech vendors are working closely with partners to overcome those inherent hurdles, said Jana Eisenstein, SVP Global Accounts at video ad platform Videology, in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz, Founder and CEO of Furious Minds for Beet.TV.

“We are working with our mobile media partners on things like being able to share a universal ID that will let us do things like frequency capping…across platforms. The other area is understanding the profile of where the impression is coming in from,” she says, and that entails working with third-party providers on the data to better allocate impressions across a campaign.

For mobile to continue to grow, marketers also need more “good quality mobile inventory,” she says. “Being able to crack the mobile nut at scale is really important. We are seeing demand increase as advertisers follow their audiences into other formats. Liquidity of good quality content is important.”

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