COLOGNE  — Data can drive new approaches to creative, especially if brands fold in their own insights, says John Cunningham, Chief Technology Officer EMEA at Razorfish, in an interview with Beet.TV. “Data can shake up the status quo and old world way of doing creativity,” he explains.

The best way to merge data and creativity though is for brands to test how customers will react to different creative, he explains. “We need to work out how the customer will respond to an ad, but with the [brand’s] data in it. To understand how people react when they see their data is a major part to play moving forward and we’re not there yet,” he says, adding that he’s a fan of different agency departments working closely together, from strategy to technology to media, to make the best use of data-driven creative. “We look at what the creative experience on the front end needs to be and how that is driven by data, and what is the view of that data, which is defined by the strategic leads and the media leads.”

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