COLOGNE  — Programmatic video ad tech platform SpotXchange says its sale of a stake to broadcast group RTL is a “huge validation” of the space, as it aims to take the new-wave ad-trading techniques to a much wider audience.

“We’ve got better control, better insights – but we’re only touching less than a tenth of the total pie – how are we going get in to the rest to the media pie?,” SpotXchange programmatic and business analytics VP Alex Merwin said during a Beet.TV session produced at DMEXCO, moderated by Videology CEO Scott Ferber. “That’s where programmatic applied to more traditional reserve will bring a lot of benefit.”

Programmatic will meet this opportunity by allowing big publishers to use programmatic technology whilst nevertheless letting them keep control over who they sell ads to, Merwin says: “Use the infrastructure to sell the media but not use an open auction methodology.”

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