COLOGNE — With Nielsen’s OCR, comScore’s vCE and others vying to be the yard stick by which buyers and sellers measure online advertising, is the industry approaching a Betamax moment, in which a single standard will win out? That doesn’t need to happen, says one digital ad exec.

“People maybe are trying to focus too much on one single currency – (that) either Nielsen or comScore need to win,” Yoav Arnstein, the international head of video ad platform LiveRail – recently acquired by Facebook – tells Beet.TV in this discussion with Ashley J. Swartz, founder and CEO of Furious Minds, recorded at DMEXCO.

“No, we need, on the buy side, a few players that are acceptable and people can measure according to. it doesn’t mean a single solution. We cannot have a hundred players, but having five or six that are trustworthy… that’s good enough – that will still create a vibrant enough industry.”

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