Native Must Make Mobile Ads Relevant: Facebook’s Arnstein

BARCELONA — Mobile ads are going to have to change if they are to recapture interest from consumers whom they are putting off with too-pushy experiences, says a leading advertising executive. Facebook EMEA publisher ad technology head Yoav Arnstein says the industry has got it wrong. “With the shift to mobile, there is growing concern […]


For Mobile Ads, ‘Less Is More’, Relevancy Rules: LiveRail’s Arnstein

COLOGNE — Mobile advertising is exploding, demanding focused investment and new strategic approaches from those who deliver it. “I only think mobile – I honestly think that’s the only thing we should be concerned with; we hear that from publishers. ” says LiveRail’s EMEA head Yoav Armstein, whose ad tech company was acquired by Facebook. “Mobile is […]


Multiple Currencies will Drive Programmatic Video Growth, LiveRail’s Arnstein

COLOGNE — With Nielsen’s OCR, comScore’s vCE and others vying to be the yard stick by which buyers and sellers measure online advertising, is the industry approaching a Betamax moment, in which a single standard will win out? That doesn’t need to happen, says one digital ad exec. “People maybe are trying to focus too much […]