COLOGNE, Germany – Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange buyer development head thinks he has the recipe to create “a very nice virtuous cycle where every (ad) impression is smarter than the last”.

Chip Hall calls it “the programmatic playbook, and he tells Beet.TV about the five steps in this video interview…

  1. “Understanding your customer – that means marrying online and offline insights in to one common infrastructure.”
  2. “Giving them the right message – really personalized creative.”
  3. “Activating the message – you have to have a global platform.”
  4. “Distribution of your message – you have to do that in a cross-channel, non-siloed way.”
  5. “Attribution – what just happened?”

Google’s playbook

As it happens, Google has an advertising product or service in each for each of those five steps, Hall says…

  1. Data layer – Google premium and audience center.
  2. Creative – DoubleClick rich media.
  3. Platforms – DoubleClick campaign manager and bid manager.
  4. Distribution – auction, reserve, programmatic direct.
  5. Attribution – recently-acquired Adometry.

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