It may have started life as a tool for editors to validate user-generated content for editorial stories but, following its acquisition by News Corp, Storyful is also being set to work for advertisers’ commercial goals.

“We saw a social radar,” News Corp. video SVP Rahul Chopra tells Beet.TV in this video, ” – tell us what you’re looking to find and Storyful will scour the entire social web to find out the most valuable content.

“As you look at the process for which we (use Storyful to) find content, there is a product stack sitting there that we’re process of potentially looking to bring to market that would put that intelligence in the hands of brands, agencies and creative types, to discover content in the same way we do.”

Chopra said Storyful is “100% being run as a standalone entity” within News Corp.

Chopra was interviewd by Beet.TV executive producer Andy Plesser at the Beet.TV video advertising summit on “outstream” advertising presented by Ebuzzing & Teads.  Please find more videos from that event here.