There’s “too many cooks”, and then there’s “not enough cooks pulling in the same direction”. For the new branded content opportunity, multi-disciplinary teams must all work together on clients’ creative projects, according to a Beet.TV panel of agency folk.

“Creative by committee is death, creative by small SWAT team works really well,” says Mindshare Entertainment’s chief content office and president David Lang, which created this Whoopi Goldberg commercial for Poise.

JWT executive creative director Eric Weisberg agrees: “The most interesting stuff takes co-conspirators – when media and PR and creative and content creatives are working together.”

Ogilvy Entertainment’s strategy and operations director Abby Marks adds: “It is about being bold but about bringing people with you without compromising the big idea.”

They were panelists at the recent Beet.TV summit on branded content, interviewed by Collective Digital Studio SVP Paul Kontonis. You can find additional videos from the event here.