“Programmatic” methods of buying and selling digital advertising space have come a long way since they were used only to shift un-loved banner slots.

“What started as a fringe trend in the digital advertising space is now taking over the entire industry,” AppNexus president Michael Rubenstein tells Beet.TV in this video. “Programmatic is eating the media world.

“Five to 10 years from now, we’ll see video advertising – which has, to date, been outside the realm of programmatic – will be fully bought and sold programmatically.”

Having recently acquired Alenti to help AppNexus customers validate whether their ads can really be viewed by humans, Rubenstein says: “Viewability is a revolutionary concept. Never in the history of media have companies only paid for impressions that were known to be viewable. Large ad agencies are saying this is the wave of the future.”

The company last week took on another $60 million investment to fuel further acquisitions.

We spoke with Rubenstein for “The Road to DMEXCO,” a series of interviews with industry leaders produced in New York, London and San Francisco.    It is sponsored by the automatic content recognition (ACR) technology provider Civolution.

Please find more videos from the series here.   Beet.TV is a media sponsor of DMEXCO and will be covering the conference extensively.