CANNES, France — View-through rates for Google’s skippable ads on YouTube have been rising significantly since first introduced, says David Benson, Google Branding Solutions Lead for Northern and Central Europe in an interview with Beet.TV. The benefit of these skippable spots is that, over time, consumers begin to tune out the ads that aren’t relevant, and to tune in the ads they want. That creates a deeper connection between consumer and brand.

“It’s more of an invitation to connect. These ads can act as a filter and you find people who are relevant, then you can remarket to them and have an ongoing conversation,” he says. In addition to view-through rates rising due to the True View spots, Google has also seen the cost-per-contact decrease, Benson says.

He predicts that in time all ads will be skippable. “It has to be the way of the future.”

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