CANNES  — Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr a year ago was all about helping brands go beyond conventional display ad formats. And now Yahoo has started promoting Tumblr content marketing slots across its network.

“The traditional inventory … haven’t really provided marketers the environment to tell a rich, engaging, robust story,” says Yahoo’s head of the Americas, Ned Brody.

“Unlike the small piece of real estate that typically is available in IAB units … this is an opportunity to tell a full story… and distribute that not only through Tumblr and (our) ‘magazines’ but our entire ecosystem on Yahoo.” Brody says Tumblr has seven content types available for marketers to use.

We spoke with him at the the Cannes Festival.  You can find more coverage of the festival here.


Update:  More on Yahoo’s use of Tumbr and other advertising efforts reported in the New York Times on June 21.