CANNES, France – Marketers are striving to marry up their online video and TV ad operations as the tectonic plates of media shift beneath them, says one ad data group tryingto help.

Simulmedia chief marketing officer David Cooperstein says “programmatic” ad-trading techniques, “for less-than-premium inventory, is probably the best way to monetize it at the moment”.

“They’re trying to leverage TV but they’re under pressure to think about digital. The challenge for the marketer is trying to figure out how to knit those things together. There is an opportunity to bridge TV and video writ large and digital media.”

Simulmedia ingests data on how 15 million Americans watch TV, second-by-second, and the performance of more than 700,000 US TV ads to help advertisers gauge their effectiveness.

Cooperstein spoke with Beet.TV during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.  You can find more of our coverage here.

Simulmedia is the sponsor of our reporting from Cannes.