Over the last couple of years, media measurement’s big titans have both rolled out new ways to quantify online video consumption for advertisers – Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) and comScore’s Validated Campaign Essentials (VCE).

Who will win? That’s the wrong question to ask, says an exec from the comScore side.

“The market has come to believe it’s very tidy when everybody but one guy goes out of business,” says chief research officer Josh Chasin. “It’s not going to happen in digital. Everyone but one guy is not going to be forced out of business – the economy is very different.”

Chasin says comScore’s VCE is advantaged by validating audience demographics against more than one source (Nielsen’s OCR uses Facebook for that).

Even if either side forces the other out, it won’t necessarily become more valuable, Chasin adds: “If there are two services and one goes away, the service left hasn’t all of a sudden just become extremely right – it’s just become the only place I can look.”

We spoke with him at the Beet.TV Video Ad Fraud Leadership Summit where he was a panelist, interviewed by Matt Prohaska of Prohaska Consulting.