The reality that many of the online ads paid for by advertisers are not really viewed by human users – or, worse, fraudulently viewed by artificial bots – has risen up the industry’s agenda of late.

ComScore chief research officer Josh Chasin characterizes it as “arms race”: “You have the good actors working to eliminate fraud, you have the bad guys working to get around whatever the good guys are doing.”

New technology vendors are vying to give ad buyers greater insight in to which ad clicks or views have really come from consumers.

“2014 is the year of fraud,” Chasin adds, referring also the the fightback against fraud. “I think we’re going to start to make some progress this year.”

Chasin was speaking at the Beet.TV Video Ad Fraud Leadership Summit during this discussion with IAB research, analytics and measurement SVP Sherrill Mane and Matt Prohaska of Prohaska Consulting. TubeMogul was the presenting sponsor of the summit. Find more of the summit videos here.