It’s that time of the year when online publishers present their upcoming products and services in the form of so-called “NewFronts” events.

In its NewFronts, The Wall Street Journal announced a video segment about how technology drives hope and health, a data- and animation-driven short video series, a new tablet video magazine and a documentary series about start-ups.

The tablet magazine, dubbed “Signal”, “will curate an eclectic mix of short video dispatches into an immersive magazine experience”, according to the WSJ, while “The Short Answer”, hosted by WSJ’s Jason Bellini, uses visual storytelling to reveal facts and figures.

“The opportunity advertisers want is the ability to be associated, chiefly by pre-roll, with very compelling insightful video,” Trevor Fellows, WSJ’s head of global sales, tells Beet.TV.

“We’re producing roughly 5,000 pieces of video a month. We’re generating now, last month, 44 million streams (per month).” Fellows says online video advertising is an “unusual” market because “the demand exceeds the supply”.