Sara Murray, an anchor for WSJ Live, says she wants to have a conversation with her viewers. Murray, who led a panel of women entrepreneurs at the Wall Street Journal NewFront on Friday, hosts the 4p.m. “breaking news” show for WSJ Live, which mixes of-the-moment news with lighter topics. We spoke with Murray at the WSJ NewFront in this interview with Beet.TV.

“People are dynamic. They like a mix of different subjects, so they want to know what’s the breaking news in the Ukraine right now, but they also want to know how you get a good deal on an airline seat,” she says.

After working for the Wall Street Journal for 6 years in Washington, D.C. covering the economy and Congress for the paper, Murray says moving into her new role as an anchor was a huge transition – but she still knows the audience and wants to maintain a dialogue with her viewers.

“At the Journal we know who our audience is, and we want them to feel like they’re a part of the conversation, and that I’m a part of the conversation, too.”

For more information on the Wall Street Journal’s NewFront event, check out this video with WSJ’s Trevor Fellows on Beet.TV.