The concept of “viewability” has gained prominence lately, as advertisers – alarmed by news that many video ad impressions are not really viewed by humans – seek certainty about their wasted spending.

Programmatic video ad platform Brightroll’s CEO Tod Sacredoti recently got up on stage at Brightroll’s own video summit to highlight the three prerequisites he believes advertisers should demand from any ad platform offering “viewability”:

  1. “Anybody building viewability products needs to comply with the industry standards (IAB and MRC now) and needs to be accredited by the MRC – that’s absolutely essential.”
  2. “It’s important for the vendor to be independent from the console being used to purchase media. The concept of being the referee and the player doesn’t make a lot of sense.”
  3. “Viewability needs to be fully embedded in the product – it can’t be a standalone application that you log in to.”

After recently assessing four viewability metrics providers, Brightroll integrated one, Moat, in to its dashboard for advertising customers.

You can find more coverage of the summit here. Disclaimer: BrightRoll sponsored Beet.TV’s coverage of the event.