Nielsen’s mobile video future starts this coming October. That is when the measurement firm will start quantifying mobile TV viewership following the recent announcement of the addition, says the company’s global product leadership president.

Nielsen will fold mobile viewership in to its C3 TV ratings system in the fall. Before that, it will give its Online Campaign Ratings measurement system full sight of mobile consumption from this July.

“It’s been a long time coming, we wanted to get it right,” Steve Hasker says in this panel session with BrightRoll CEO Tod Sacredoti. “It will go live in full, industrial strength on October 1 – intended to coincide with the fall TV season.

“It’s a census-based measurement of all campaigns that run. Instead of using a cookie, it uses the ad ID and Facebook and Experian databases. It really is the future of our business.”

Hasker was speaking at the BrightRoll Video Summit. You can find more coverage of the summit here. Disclaimer: BrightRoll sponsored Beet.TV’s coverage of the event.